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Value for value podcasting doesn’t qualify for the Forbes Fortune 500. But for AAAlandje, from the start it has been of great value, there are a lot of people in my network in politics and the medical industry that want to talk about what’s going on. This is our own analysis of a million euro’s to oust the leader.

Value is not only in money transfers

Value for value principle (A. Curry)

I got a small shut-up-slave-farewell paycheck, after a series of incidents regarding journalistic integrety that started after I pushed a story  on the dutch CDC refusing to test people for corona in the early days of the pandemic, whilst lots of PCR machines were biting dust.

I persisted in following my own ethics standards, luckily not for nothing. Last month the Algemene Rekenkamer, an independent treasury oversight committee, last month published a 52-page report stating: factcheck true, it was even worse. It was buried under a even larger spending scandal at the ministry of Health.

Big Pharma presents: buying the news?

My former employer did really good business in fear mongering, the annual report showed. Maybe that’s why this week, he gave a painting, picturing a 2020 version of Rembrandt’s masterpiece Night Watch. To all the tv talkshow fearporn producers that are available in the tv talkshow rolodexes. About a dozen, that is…

House of Cards near Kampen

The editor revealed the pastiche to the  national ICU manager (dubbed the Dutch beddenplanner), after hiding from the public for over a year that this guy, Ernst Kuijpers, is a longtime associate of AstraZeneca. It would’nt surprise you he’s not the only one that’s affiliated to big pharma. These positions never were disclosed, I think due to the use of the Marc van Ranst doctrine, which you discussed back in January (selling the mexican influenza pandemic)

From Wuhan, with love

The gift is a painting, the ‘2020 Night watch’, indeed a pastiche of Rembrandt’s masterpiece. It pictures Kuijpers, top notch virologist Marion Koopmans (whom you may know as member of the WHO team that flew over de Wuhan Institute of Virologies coockoos nest -to see there’s nothing going on over there.

Also pictured is Jan Kluytmans, who delayed the mass testing untill his private company got the major-lazer big boy PCR mass testing machine by Roche installed. The only one missing is Marc -Pfizer- Bonten. Adam Curry’s friend Maurice ’the dog’ de Hond is pictured as… yes: a dog. He’s thruths are hated so much that you can’t see him on the photo below, as AstraZeneca Kuijpers’ hand is in front of it.

night watch for fear porn

Soros’ book club?

I lie and I cheat, that’s why you lay down at my feet. In hindsight, this is the anthem of the dutch elections last March.
Here’s a BOTG executive summary on what happened in Dutch politics last week. (NL: episode 21)

A scandal unrolling in slow motion

  • 1. there was a big fuzz about MP Pieter Omtzigt. He was one of the politicians that revealed the racial profiling scandal in fighting fraud in childcare benefit plans. This caused the resignation of the FULL cabinet, after truth came out that they all lied.
  • 2. Omtzigt broke with his party, ruling christiandemocrats CDA. In a 38 pages memo that leaked 10 days ago he revealed  that a leadership change just a few months before the election was forced by the head of fundraising. Big wealthy/corporate sponsors were hesitant to donate whilst Hugo de Jonge (our current clusterfuck specialist health secretary) was leading the party.
  • The guy that ‘pulled the trigger’ is Hans van der Wind, who got rich of a sort-of-monopoly on selling school books. In 2009, his CDA party decided that all school books are payed by the state (alas: tax payers).

3. De Jonge won the parties leadership election with a minimal difference (50,7% vs 49.3 or so) from Omtzigt. De Jonge was ousted. Officially so he could focus on covid (in practice, that meant forcing a curfew and illegaly tendering a 1 bn euro project for testing at large events illegaly. Money went to an obscure entity that was established by VNO NCW, the dutch big corp lobbying giant (think: Shell, Unilever, Heineken).

A million euro’s to oust the leader

4. Afterwards, suddenly donations started coming in big time. CDA however hid the companies, one of them spent 1 mln EUR. This is a huge donation in NL, over here it used to be wealthy party members that sponsored amounts in the order of 1k-20k. Most of the income usually comes from ‘afdrachten’. MP’s, aldermen and mayors who donate a part of their wages to the party, like in a kickback.

5. Omtzigt -the runner up- however was not asked to replace De Jonge. CDA elite preferred Wopke Hoekstra, a former McKinsey consultant, currently the treasury secretary. His policy was to spend all the budget surpluses that were brought up by large income tax increases and austerity after the 2008 financial crisis.

  • 6. After the Omtzigt memo leaked, the silence about the big donor became unbearable, public pressure got too big. And then the big white rabbit came out of the hat (I hope this saying is Dunglish ­čÖé ): the EUR 1 million donation came from …. Hans van der Wind himself!
  • 7. CDA spread the word that since the schoolbook seller was sold back in 2016, Van der Wind had no interest in changing any govt policy. Why should he: 300M a year is spent on ‘free school books’. He didn’t get out of the business, according to his LinkedIn profile: he still works for the company that bought Van Dijk’s boekenhuis. The current owner is Towerbrooks. And yes: that’s indeed the private venture capital corp founded by George Soros.
  • 8. Interestingly, there were two other parties that got 1M donatios (they actually did disclose them). The donor is a guy that got rich in IT (after his startup SpringSource was bought by VMware). This Steven Schuurman is currently investing in free-of-charge education in ‘digital literacy’, like recognizing fake news. In the board and the committee of advisors not one, but two seats are taken by members of the Dutch royal family.
  • 9. Key question is: does all this lead to bad influence on school books? That’s not easy to conclude, mainly because the Oxfam’s and Greenpeace/WWF likes have been doing so since the late seventies.
  • Leading Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf did a checkup a few years ago, and concluded that it’s actually a bit better than in, say, the eighties.

food for thought

A million euro’s to oust the leader – came from the campaign fundraising manager.

What possibly could go wrong, with George Soros and some royals explaining what is and what is not disinformation..? And is this some royal defiance against the great reset, or did the Orange family chip in -just in time?

  • -The monopoly in school books is in fact quite opposite to the roots of christian-democratic politics in the Netherlands. Since over a century, every religion has had the right to start schools of their own, as well as public schools eligible for public funding. In the past ten years, we saw a lot of scandals involving colleges and universities. They were spending money that’s meant for education t0 majestic buildings, few of them had to be bailed out by the government. All of those had (at least for the record) a so called ‘Christian signature’. Back in the 16th century, Holland fought eighty years to wipe out Catholics for their overspending. Nowadays, the Binnenhof (our Westminster/Capitol Hill) seems to be the new Vatican City. Corruption drips over all floors, and outside of their square km people don’t seem to care anymore.
  • We’ve got work to do: the great reset is way to important to leave in the hands of politicians and/or big corp. That’s why we’ve gone podcasting. AAAlandje (little triple-A country) has a clear motto. Like the financial rating agencies we like NL to be standard, nor poor.
  • our motto: een betrouwbare overheid heeft niet alleen krediet, maar ook waardigheid, translates somewhat like:

Good government is not only about credit, it also needs dignity.

AAAlandje motto

Jan-Willem Navis

founder of Triple A Landje podcast (@aaalandje on NA Social)

Door Jan-Willem

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